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Terms and Conditions

Last updated May 2020

With your purchase of a product or service or ticket to an event, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Refund Policy.

When you purchase of a product or service or ticket to an event from our website, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Refund Policy.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully.

By accessing or using the services advertised on this website you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions below.

Terms and Conditions - general information

The Leadership ACT Terms and Conditions are designed to ensure you are comfortable with the decision that you have made when working with our company.

Your purchase of a product or service or ticket to an event may or may not provide for any refund. Each specific product, service, event or course will specify its own refund policy.

To request a refund, please email: admin@leadershipact.com.

All refunds will be based upon the following terms and conditions.

Note : All the refunds will be processed within 180 working days after refund request is approved by Leadership ACT.

Terms and Conditions: Online Course or Training

All webinars, online courses or training or resources are sold on a no refund and no return basis.

Terms and Conditions : Classroom Course or Training

1. Acceptance all of our terms and conditions: Upon submitting an application form or enrolling with us, the applicant, their legal guardian or agent accepts all of our Terms and Conditions. Unless otherwise agreed upon, Leadership ACT will only be liable to provide groups or individuals with the programme stipulated on the booking form. Any extras requirements must be requested in writing in advance of arrival in the elected destination. Any optional extras to the programme must be requested in writing and paid for in full within 4 weeks of the intended start date. Any special requests or requirements regarding client's needs, host families or excursions must be indicated at the time of booking. All extras are subject to availability. It is advised that programme participants book them as early as possible. In the case of public/private transfers, no accommodation details will be provided until programme participants have indicated their desire for a public transport ticket or private transfers.

2. Application form: Application Forms must be fully completed and sent to us via email. Flights details are mandatory, Any special requests or other relevant information must be included at time of booking for it to be taken into consideration.

3. Deposit: A deposit of 350 Euros per person is required on booking. Application forms received with no deposit will not be processed. All deposits are non-refundable. Booking forms can be requested by email and must be accompanied by any special requests or other information relevant to the client's stay. Bookings can only be secured by payment of the above deposit.

4. Course Availability: All courses are subject to availability and demand. Applicants have not been accepted on a particular course until they receive a written confirmation from us. If a course falls below the minimum number of participants it may be cancelled. If a course is cancelled during your stay another course will be offered at no additional cost.

5. Sufficient numbers for a complete class: In some cases there might not be sufficient numbers for a complete class at a particular level. In such cases the participants will be individually assessed and split into their nearest suitable level available.

6. Right to cancel arrangements: We reserve the right to cancel arrangements if booking conditions or terms and conditions are not met. We reserve the right to cancel programmes that are not filled. Any participants in breach of our rules or regulations may be sent home before the course ends and at their own expense. We cannot be held responsible for cancellations due to Act of God, health or personal problems.

7. Cancellations: All cancellations must be made in writing.

All cancellations and terminations must be made in writing via email at admin@leadershipact.com.

Cancellation requests will be responded to within 10 working days. If a refund is approved, it will be transferred within 180 working days of the cancellation refund being approved.

Cancellation Policy is as follows:

8. Rates: We reserve the right to alter rates. In such cases the alterations will be published on our website and affected parties notified.

9. Payment: Payment in full in Euros must reach our account 28 days prior to the participants arrival. Services will only be provided when payment is received in full. Any bank charges incurred must be paid by the sender.

10. Tuition or accommodation fees are not refundable if a participant arrives late or wishes to leave early from a course. Under no circumstances will Leadership ACT refund, either partially or fully, any course fees once the client has commenced their contracted course of study. There is no refund of fees for: days missed during the course, late arrival, early departure, and there will be no refund of classes missed due to national public holidays.

11. Insurance: Before arrival to the elected destination, all persons participating in our programmes must arrange their own insurance against all expenses that might arise due to accident, illness or loss of luggage, personal effects and money. Leadership ACT and our host families accept no responsibility in the event of such occurrences. The programme will operate on the highest safety standards. Leadership ACT shall not be responsible for any illness, disease, accident, or loss of property unless occasioned by the wilful act of negligence on the part of the camp or its staff. Sports Instructors insist that all clients have an insurance waiver signed by a parent, guardian or group leader before commencement of such activities. Leadership ACT is precluded by the terms of its own insurance policy from signing such insurance waivers. EU nationals must also bring their EHIC Medical cards (old E-111 forms) or medical card equivalent.

12. Guardianship: Parents and clients must be fully aware of and agree to the fact that Leadership ACT will act in loco parentis while the clients are at the elected destination. Leadership ACT will act in the best interests of all of our clients at all times and will keep parents informed of any situations that may occur. When it is necessary, in extreme cases of medical emergency or bad behaviour we will make the appropriate arrangements for a client to be returned home. Such a decision will be made in conjunction with the client's group leader. Parents will always be given a minimum of 24 hours notice before departure.

13. Damage: Programme participants and/or their parents/guardians are liable for any damage caused by them either at school, in the host families' homes or on tour. Payment for damage must be made immediately.

14. Discipline: Leadership ACT reserves the right to terminate the programme of any clients who breaks the law or brings Leadership ACT into disrepute in any way through their actions. We reserve the right to send home any client committing a serious offence, especially one involving the police, inclusive of but not limited to incidences of theft, the possession of, purchase of or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs. In the event of expulsion additional charges for flights and other associated costs will not be covered by Leadership ACT and are the responsibility of the client and where appropriate their parents or guardians.

15. Airport transfers: Airport transfers can only be arranged when flight information (location, date, time and flight number) is received via the dedicated field of the application form. We cannot take responsibility for transfers unless this procedure is followed. In the event that a programme participant misses their flight we must be told at the earliest possible time. Failure to do so will result in the full fee being charged.

16. Change host family: A fee of 150 Euros must be paid if a programme participant insists on moving to a different host family without due cause. This must be paid before moving.

17. Pets: Any requests regarding no pets in the host family may not be facilitated unless a serious allergy is present. We may request doctor's proof of such allergies.

18. Health and diet: We must be advised of any health problems or specific dietary requirements of participants at the time of booking. If a client is sick and needs medical attention, our Supervisor will help with making appointments etc. Please note that it is very unusual for a doctor to visit any centre and any trips made to the doctor, dentist or hospital will have to be paid for by the clients.

19. Visiting: Parents are only admitted to visit the camp upon our approval, during designated check-in and check-out days times. It is disruptive to the camper, other campers and the camp program when well-meaning parents "drop by" to visit their child.

20. Our Conditions: Our conditions do not apply to partner schools or other organisations worked with. Each partner school /organisation has its own conditions.

21. Promotional materials: Programme participants should be aware that they may appear in our promotional materials such as brochures, website or photos.

22. Certificate re-issue: Fee of 70 Euros must be paid for Certificate re-issue

23. Replacement of Lost, stolen or damaged id card or passport: A replacement fee of 150 Euros plus expenses is charged for a lost, stolen or damaged id card or passport.

24. Personal Belongings: Although we will make any effort to help the players find what they may have lost, they are fully responsible for any personal belongings left behind.

Legal Notice & General Statement

25. Leadership ACT reserves the right to change the details of its services, facilities and course dates where circumstances beyond our control necessitate such changes.

26. Leadership ACT reserve the right to decline any person at any time without liability.

27. Leadership ACT reserve the right not to accept applications.

28. Leadership ACT reserves the right to cancel all arrangements and bookings without prior notice if payment conditions are not met. When a deposit has been made, the client will be deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions.

29. Leadership ACT reserve the right to alter and amend information contained in these Terms & Conditions without notice.


30. We guarantee that if minimum compulsory comfort standards are not met by our host families for whatever reason, we will relocate our client within hours of being notified about the situation to a more suitable environment.

Privacy Policy

31. Leadership ACT are committed to respecting and protecting all private information relevant to the client's stay.

32. To assist us with host family placements we require certain personal details about the clients and their families.

33. For identification purposes we may request photographs of each individual. Personal information may be given to some of our service providers when it is relevant to the clients programme.

34. We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, so please review it frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on the website. If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here that it has been updated, so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we use and/or disclose it.

35. Leadership ACT reserves the right to use photographs taken during our programmes for advertising and promotional purposes. Unless otherwise specified, permission is given for the use of these images with acceptance of these terms and conditions.


36. Payment in full in Euro or US Dollar or GBP must reach our account 28 days prior to the participants arrival. Services will only be provided when payment is received in full. Any bank charges incurred must be paid by the sender.

37. Leadership ACT accept no responsibility for costs incurred due to flight delays, i.e. accommodation, transfers, etc.

38. Leadership ACT take no responsibility for loss or theft of belongings.

39. clients are expected to have appropriate medical and baggage insurance.

40. There is no refund of fees for: days missed during the course, late arrival, early departure, and public holidays.

41. The client must carry the cost of any bank pr credit card charges relating to bank transfers or the credit card transaction.

Terms and Conditions: Coaching and Consulting

Contacts us for more details, please email: info@leadershipact.com

Terms and Conditions: Service

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Terms and Conditions: Professionals

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Terms and Conditions: Innovations

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